Meet the Founder Bringing Ghana’s Weaving Traditions to a Global Audience
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Meet the Founder Bringing Ghana’s Weaving Traditions to a Global Audience
Mariam Abdullah
Mariam Abdullah
August 24, 2021
1 min

A A K S founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with the goal of introducing the world to her favourite weaving techniques by the women of Ghana. Handcrafted in Ghana, A A K S pronounced (axe) creates bags in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts characterised by bright exuberant colours.

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After an eight-year stint in London, where she studied fashion, designer and entrepreneur Akosua Afriyie-Kumi returned to her native Ghana in 2014 to launch her brand AAKS. With AAKS, Afriyie-Kumi wanted to center the importance of hand-making by presenting her take on Ghana’s weaving traditions to a global audience. Striking a similar balance of aesthetic vivaciousness and refinement, Afriyie-Kumi has recently turned from decorating the body to adorning the home, with handwoven baskets, made in Ghana.

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AAKS takes its inspiration from the spirit of Africa and its tribal communities. Communities bursting with colour, resilience and fortitude and created a fun dialogue between architecture and culture creating silhouettes which are spirited in a range of refined colour palettes. Since launching in 2014, A A K S, shortlisted as an emerging designer from Africa.

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Afriyie-Kumi says “I wanted to create a brand that affects the world and my local community positively, because fashion shouldn’t cost people or the planet. I want people to buy an AAKS woven bag not just for the sake of consuming material things, but with the intention that their purchase goes to support the preservation of traditional weaving Ghanaian practices, sustains local Ghanaian communities and protects the sustainability of African born design. I want people to know that their hard earned money is going towards a piece that they can keep forever and know they have had a positive impact in the world.”

Follow A A K S on instagram @a.a.a.ks


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