10 Made-In-Nigeria Skincare Brands for Dark Skin You Need To Try
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10 Made-In-Nigeria Skincare Brands for Dark Skin You Need To Try
Mariam Abdullah
Mariam Abdullah
March 04, 2022
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Great skin takes time to achieve; it’s more than drinking 8 glasses of water, sipping tea, and minding your own business. It takes patience, the right amount of patience, and the right products. With the amount of damage, our skin goes through because of overexposure to the wrong chemicals glowing skin has become a rarity and we know Nigerians don’t play around with beauty.

The all-year-round goal is to maintain healthy-looking skin that glows from miles away, and we are here to point you in that direction with Nigerian skincare brands that are made from natural ingredients. The great thing about these organic brands is they tailor them to suit and work effectively for our skin and specifically, tackle problem areas in order to get that glow e.g. hyperpigmentation. From moisturizing to Facial masks, these brands have all the essentials to get you that summer glow you need all year round.

Our top 10 Organic skin care brands in Nigeria

  1. Shea Tribe

  2. Ajali Naturals

  3. Bath Kandy

  4. Arami

  5. Narganics

  6. Orma Skincare

  7. Aweni Organics

  8. Skin Apothecary

  9. Oriki Skincare

  10. House Of Coco

Shea Tribe

Birthed from a fascination with African history and the beauty in its cultures. Shea Tribe aims is to show the world that true beauty comes from within and is all around us. Proudly made in Nigeria and creating 100% organic and handmade skincare, haircare, and grooming products.

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They source local materials for products with a mission to promote healthy living, introduce African beauty and health formulas to the world.

Ajali Naturals

The Nigerian beauty industry is thriving with a plethora of brands creating natural and sustainable products. Ajali is an all-natural, completely handmade cosmetics brand established in 2013 to promote local industry and create awareness for living a healthy life.

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Ajali prides herself as a top natural skincare brand. It does everything from body scrubs, butter down to lip scrubs, balms, and konjac sponges. Their products are natural and handmade and packaged beautifully. We love the brand’s attention to detail and their natural take and the handmade beautifully packaged range. Ajali’s entire range is 100% natural, preservative-free, and diligently handmade in Nigeria. Their products are suitable for everyone and open a very important conversation on social responsibility in the indigenous beauty industry.

Bath Kandy

Bath Kandy is an exciting skincare brand! This Nigerian beauty brand delivers products made with natural ingredients in the ‘yummiest’ ways with desserts inspired offerings. The brand prides herself on making products “to look and smell like desserts, incorporating gourmet food and drink items for a lusciously indulgent bath-time experience”.

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Bath Kandy is an environmentally friendly, skin-loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath, and body company. Their food-inspired, bath and body products are beautifully handcrafted with natural ingredients sourced within Africa and beyond. They are made to look and smell like desserts, incorporating gourmet food and drink items for a lusciously indulgent bath-time experience. Their products don’t just look like delicious deserts, they also smell yummy and target specific skin problems!

Arami (Essentials)

Arami is great because of its focus on natural, locally sourced ingredients which are very kind to the skin. Their Glow Oil and their Rosewater toner ‘Elixir’ are beauty must-haves. aramiessentials 254916955 433074331558646 44316438273004862 n (Source Arami Essentials)

The brand wins with minimalist packaging and raved products. The range for body scrub, polish, oils, and more work brilliantly and were every skincare enthusiast’s must-have listed this year especially their best-selling ‘Glow Oil’.


The Narganics Company is a mainly natural and organic skincare and fragrance brand, founded in 2016. Narganics stems from the words ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ which dovetails with the brand ethos. The passion to create a handmade skincare and fragrance brand with unique formulas and infusions that leave a memorable experience is at the heart of all our products. narganics 20968630 165336767361337 597314944534315008 n

(Source Narganics)

Handmade in Lagos Nigeria, Narganics believe that health and wellness depend on the delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit and that daily bath and skincare routine should be enjoyable, therapeutic, and brought back to the realm of natural beauty. The luxury artisan brand boasts a plant-based line of products. Their bestselling gold-infused elixir comes with a hefty price tag and is one of the most raved amongst their products. From the city of Lagos, Narganics has over 15 affordable organic products for dark skin. The skincare brand pays attention to detail as they packaged each product in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Orma Skincare

Orma skincare is one of the finest Nigerian skincare brands for organic products that gives a clear and steady glow. They reasoned each product to firm our dark skin and reduce aging and wrinkling. Also, with great service, Orma Skincare is a crowd fave especially because they offer free skin consultations. ormaskincare 255171847 876635036352478 7357143783383805439 n (Source Orma Skincare)

Aweni Organics

Aweni Organics brought their naturally infused bath and body products to fore this year. They went all out with gorgeous details on packaging and presentation and their miniatures were beautifully presented too. Catering to the skin and hair with aromatherapy-infused natural ingredients, Aweni Organics is a winning brand. Their raved range of products go from the face to the body, hair, and so on and are made from rich natural ingredients. aweniorganics 118660923 947729682305207 1009414637920327198 n

(Source Aweni Organics)

Inspired by nature, Aweni creates unique skincare products that fuse intoxicating scents & floral infusions with effective natural skincare.

Skin Apothecary

Skin Apothecary is one of the top natural brands in the Nigerian beauty industry. This product, founded by Nigerian skincare expert, Naomi Umunna, heals dark skin problems.

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(Source Skin Apothecary)

The brand has consistently created fabulous products from ingredients sourced in Nigeria. Outstanding among their range of products is the liquid black soap which has proven to clear skin blemishes and improve the ashy look on most dark skins. Another skincare product of theirs you should try is ‘Whipped Bubblegum’, your skin would thank you for it.

Oriki Skincare

Oriki is an all-natural, botanically based personal grooming product line. ORIKI meaning (‘your crown/your origin’ in the Yoruba language) is a name carefully considered reflecting the brand. The founder of Oriki noticed an opportunity in harnessing the efficacy and potency of the abundant natural resources home to the continent of Africa and created the brand in 2014. orikigroup 265550672 466980991686534 757248209296501029 n (1)

(Source Oriki Skincare)

A blend of natural ingredients & research to create extraordinary skincare, hair care, and general body products that are superior and can compete with any international brand. Oriki started off with a comprehensive range of 32 botanically based personal grooming brands and that list has grown to about 40 products in the last two years.

The ORÍKÌ product range includes serums, body scrubs, moisturizers, cleansers, body wash, eye treatments, essential oils, and an ORÍKÌ for Men product line designed specifically for the beard, shave, and skincare needs of men.

House Of Coco

House of Coco was founded with the sole mission of safely & effectively addressing skincare concerns including acne, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, textured & sun tanned skin. Each product tackles a specific concern without causing irritation to your skin. Free of allergens, parabens, phthalates and petrochemicals, their products are safe for daily and extended use without side effects. houseofcoco ng 251938172 419604683006469 2553101822212982543 n (Source [

With dark skin, few brands specialize in creating products to give healthy skin. With the amount of damage to our skin because of the pollution and heat problem in Nigeria, the goal is to find brands that aid in maintaining healthy skin, which is why we’ve compiled the best Nigerian skincare brands for dark skin. Before the beauty industry started creating products specifically for dark skin, the Holy Grail used by Nigerians were shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera.

Recently, Nigerian brands have produced and improved indigenous skincare products. The ingredients in these products are best for our dark skin. This is because they include fatty acids and vitamins which help moisturize — a far cry from foreign skincare brands that contain an outrageous amount of sulfates and irritating synthetic fragrances. Luckily, there are a plethora of Nigerian skincare brands that incorporate our beloved shea butter and common ingredients we’ve known since childhood.

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Our top 10 Organic skin care brands in Nigeria


Shea Tribe


Ajali Naturals


Bath Kandy


Arami (Essentials)




Orma Skincare


Aweni Organics


Skin Apothecary


Oriki Skincare


House Of Coco

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