10 Emerging Fashion Brands Driving Ghana's Fashion Industry
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10 Emerging Fashion Brands Driving Ghana's Fashion Industry
Mariam Abdullah
Mariam Abdullah
January 28, 2021
4 min

The fashion industry never sleeps. With each year that comes, we witness new talents create pieces that we just can’t help but add to our shopping list–and we want you to do the same.

We know Ghanaian fashion for its use of vibrant colors and eclectic prints, and nowhere is this joyful approach to dressing more apparent than in Accra, the country’s capital city.

The fashion hub is bursting with local artisans and designers, all of whom specialize in reinventing traditional kente or fugu clothes with a modern twist. When you are looking for affordable luxury brands, eye-catching patterns, and brilliant style, then look no further than the continent of Africa.

Known for its acclaimed patterns like Kente and Ankara (wax prints) the people of Africa have blessed the world with their unique styles that drive the western hemisphere wild.

The Continent has birthed some of the best fashion brands, but we want to put a keen eye on the brands of Ghana. That’s why we have put together a list of ten emerging Ghanaian brands that you need to have on your radar.

Larry Jay

Larry Jay is an ethically made, unisex collection that draws inspiration from African culture, textiles, and nature combining them with modern, streamlined silhouettes. There are exquisite camp-collar shirts and chic swishy skirts. Larry Jay is a unisex Ghanaian brand of ethical fashion clothes and accessories.

larryjayghana 155917442 1247506105646639 7666967910920617893 n (Source Larry Jay)

Fashion influences it from the 70s and that makes its design aesthetic timeless and unusual. The brand’s dream is to become a full sustainable fashion house that will be responsible for its environment, one that will give back to the community in its own way.

Steve French

French is a contemporary womenswear designer who honors traditions to create new artistic expressions with clothing, drawing from the female form and abstract patterns in particular.

stevefrenchofficial 124691831 3357070541086801 8513876312322540251 n (Source Steve French)

With Steve French think lots of feminine gowns and skirts, done in vibrant colors and artful prints. His clothes are deep-rooted in his culture.


Hazza is an ethically made, unisex sportswear brand fusing African pride with traditional production methods. Owned by Iddrisu, this relaxed tailoring and smartly cut pieces made with repurposed fabrics.

hazzaofficiale 125427177 1346782349047306 9098919568276554590 n (Source Hazza)

Hazza’s specialty is breezy suiting and utilitarian shirts, always in sprightly hues and colours intended to brighten and liven up your day anytime you wear it.

Threaded Tribe

Threaded tribe is a sustainable progressive clothing line, using materials sourced from all around Africa, and designed & produced in Accra, Ghana. All its garments are unisex allowing for anyone to love and enjoy.

threadedtribes 210548703 1464038547283813 2280838749321165129 n (Source Threaded Tribe)

They tailor threaded Tribes clothing for independent thinkers and lovers of freedom. This captures the brand’s ethos of catering to the carefree and unique nature of distinct members of society. If wearing free clothing with patterns that look like earth is totally you, then you better check out this brand.

Papa Oppong

He tells stories through garments. Papa Oppong is a fashion brand that explores the bodily structures of individuals who absolutely love setting the trends in fashion, as opposed to following it.

papaoppong 45887732 1934041280226221 1364590592603979776 n (Source Papa Oppong)

Using fabrics to tell a story the brand works each piece to reflect something special with prints from diverse cultures and traditions, this brand is changing the way we view fashion creating and bringing a whole new meaning to it.

Atto Tetteh

The designer offers sleek menswear pieces, though they can be unisex with a focus on reinventing traditional African patterns for the modern man.

attotetteh 185963975 2627059684263008 5104902465231669119 n (Source Atto Tetteh)

The brand is a contemporary streetwear brand, for men who are cosmopolitan but want an African aesthetic. They make sure that their pieces reflect our African-ness, but can also be appreciated by anybody who has never been to Ghana or Africa, and just loves fashion. Africa is very vibrant, so they incorporate a lot of color.

Chloe Asaam

Chloe Aasam is a womenswear label fusing Ghanaian prints with strong, interesting shapes. They’re basics, but never basic: She enjoys reworking everyday staples, including ruffled tops, high-waisted trousers, and dresses.

chloe asaam 124670684 3874000209277295 7268574664975824167 n (Source Chloe Asaam)

Though a relatively new brand on the market, they have truly earned a name for themselves with stunning pieces you cant help want to buy. For Chloe Assam, clothing should be comfortable, expressive and built to last. And so throughout the creative process of designing clean, versatile, alternative silhouettes, these guidelines to steer them.

Duaba Serwa

Duaba Serwa is a mixture of innovative intricate details, textures, structure and new types of volumes.

duabaserwa 173115742 1953879994750785 4653496151771506322 n (Source Duaba Serwa)

Their brand is about accentuating that bold effortless beauty, and they pride themselves in the construction of luxurious style lines that cater to women who prefer the understated to flamboyant and extravagant.

Abrantie The Gentlemans Clothing

This clothing line is fast breaking the stereotyped western gentleman look with African printed coat vests, pants, bow ties and ties, shirts, suits and showcasing on prestigious runways across Africa.

abrantiethegentleman 258884617 611091330037246 9202980420471634043 n

(Source Abrantie)

A social Lifestyle and unique fashion brand empowering the African man to be well cultured and classic.”Abrantie” is a local word literally meaning “GENTLEMAN”.

Kiki Clothing

Founded by Titi Ademola-Perez, KIKI Clothing is a fashion brand bent on blurring the lines and borders between continents and creating garments that fit the needs and wants of today’s international woman.

kikiclothing 214351768 1047001855835691 2011801357784274603 n

(Source Kiki Clothing)

With an emphasis on in-house production within Accra, Ghana and known for vivid fusions of West African inspired, mixed prints and minimalist, contemporary silhouettes, KIKI Clothing’s approach is bold, dynamic and effortless in style.

We know Ghanaians are followers of fashion. But they base their clothing on more than just vibrant colours and free-flowing dresses, with heritage and culture playing an important role in stylistic choices.

Local Ghanaian brands who like other brands around the world have been tested by the global pandemic, but we’re up once again celebrating what makes them unique.

From relatively new movements like streetwear to alluring womenswear and ostentatious men’s fashion, Ghana gives us enough inspiration to last a lifetime.


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